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This Wednesday we are crushing on Glory Edozien. This beautiful woman is the founder of Inspired by Glory, a personal development and lifestyle platform for women. She holds a PhD in Real Estate and Environmental planning from the University of Reading, UK and is a Certified expert in climate change and renewable energy finance from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Frankfurt School) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) collaborating centre. She is also an alumni of the world Economic Forum Global Shapers and was recently listed as one of the 100 most inspiring Nigerian women by Ynaija- a list which also includes Arunma Oteh, Ibukun Awosika and Chimamanda Adiche. Glory is part of the pioneer set of Grooming for Greatness fellowship which aims to create a pipeline of African leaders.
She is a versatile writer and speaker on climate change and environmental policy and women empowerment, self love and personal development. Her popular columns in Guardian Woman and Bellanaija.com are targeted at challenging the status quo and perceptions which prevent women from reaching their potential. Through Inspired by Glory, she hopes to create a platform which not only challenges but expands the narrative of African femininity and ultimately build a community of women who are unencumbered by culturally defined roles and socially restrictive contextualisations. Glory is one confident lady who is determined to fulfill her God given purpose and help other women do the same. Enjoy as you read about our WCW for the week!
Glory your CV is quite intimidating… a Phd from Reading? What inspired your educational pursuits?

I come from a family of academics. We are actually quite bookish, so I suppose it was inevitable in some way. But possibly what gave me the extra inspiration was that I found a subject that genuinely interested me and I excelled at so it flowed naturally.

I love your website/blog just like its name it is totally inspiring, what made you begin to put your thoughts down?
It’s funny, my story of becoming a writer is actually an emotional one. I went through a really terrible period in my life which really forced me to reflect inwards. I started writing as a kind of therapy, then one day I put a piece I had written on Facebook and it got so many comments. I was  surprised by the positive feedback and that’s how the journey began. Today, I find that I have fallen in love with words. It often amazes me how a few words strung together can convey so much meaning. I think that’s why I still feel passionate about writing- not only because it’s very therapeutic for me but because I find it is an instrument to challenge and expand narratives as well as tell stories which can create change
That’s amazing and I can totally relate to the therapeutic nature of writing, what else inspired your narratives?
My love for writing was rebirthed and energized when I read Chimamanda’s book- Half of a Yellow Sun. The book taught me how you can write simply but still keep your readers transfixed. When I attended her Farafina writing course, a few years ago, I learnt a bit more about writing as a skill and I have tried to imbibe those lessons in how I write now.

You obviously have a passion for the women folk, what message are you trying to get across to them?

A variety of messages really. The first is every woman, no matter who she is, where is from, what she looks like- whatever….She is enough. I think women always feel incomplete, we often think if only I was a little bit taller, lighter, skinner, married, had children…..then I will be perfect. Now that isn’t true. You are enough- just as you are.
The second thing is that you have the power to create the life you want. Everything you have ever wanted for yourself, you can actually have if you find out you are and take the time to love yourself. I don’t mean a physical kind of love. I mean understanding your weaknesses, loving your strengths, knowing your capacity and loving the potential of your dreams- knowing full well that they are achievable. If many women would look inwards as often as they did the mirror they would find their true selves and the force of their lives calling would be stronger. I want women everywhere to cultivate a boundless understanding and love for themselves because I believe that is where your potential to be all you can be lies
The third thing is that there is more to life than the boundaries of societal pressure. You don’t have to conform to anything. You have the choice to live the life you want on your own terms.
There is much more- but I’ll stop here
Lagos living …how are you able to deal with the pressure of different aspects of Lagos life, physically,mentally and otherwise
It’s a delicate balance. That’s why it is important to knowwho you are and question certain things that society takes for granted. I LOVE nice things-not because Lagos people like nice things but because I know I like these things. However, I also have a priority to my future first and not to please other people. So there are many things I would love to own but I cannot afford- either because I am trying to save or simply because my money no go reach and that is okay. I learnt a long time that competing with the Joneses was a futile effort. So I have carved my own fashion and mental lane. I don’t follow trends instead I follow what fits my bank balance and my own predetermined sense of style and self.
You carry yourself with a lot of maturity, spirit does your walk with God have anything to do with this?
 I credit God for all I am and have. God has blessed me incredibly beyond my wildest imaginations and I am not just saying that to sound holy because I am sooo far from that. I am learning to love and trust God everyday and my prayer has always been for Him to lead me now and always.

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With your very busy schedule how do you unwind or calm down in stressful periods?
I watch a lot of TV, also loads of series and movies. I also love to read, hang with family and friends and  write.


You are multi-gifted, what advice do you have for women who have different gifts but still want a career in the corporate world?

Find a way to utilize all your gifts! That’s what a gift is for- for you to use and enjoy! Your gifting  should bring you pleasure. The only issue is to ask yourself  why you want to remain in the corporate world. I am not saying everyone should be an entrepreneur- not at all. However you need to determine whether you are staying in the corporate world just because of the money and stability and make sure you find other ways to explore your gift and talents too, until you get more confidence to branch out. It may also be that staying in the corporate world is the best place to use your gift right now and that’s perfect too. All I would say is find ways to use your gift as a side hustle, exchange it for free first so you can understand its value and then take well planned steps as you begin to understand the best avenues to use them.

Words of wisdom! Thanks Glory I have been inspired and I am sure my readers have been as well!

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  1. Lovely interview… Glory is a true inspiration – smart, passionate, eloquent and a great sense of humour too. I watch all her YouTube videos and learn so much.

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