Samiah Oyekan-Ahmed : Multi-talented Multi-preneur!


Today we will be talking to Samiah Oyinkan-Ahmed. This beautiful mother of two is a trained physician and a talented multi-preneur. Apart from creating her own brand she has encouraged many budding entrepreneurs in the FCT . Her Fusion Family Fair and Fusion connect are events that many look forward too. Most importantly she is a passionate Muslimah and a loving mother and wife.

Please tell us a few things about you
I’m 34 yrs old and I was born and fully bred in Lagos. I moved to Abuja 8 yrs ago when I got married. I’m a very simple person, a total homebody, an ardent reader and a creative. I am mum to a 7 yr old son and a 5 yr old daughter and they are my biggest motivators.

Very few people know you are a qualified Medical Doctor , what made you decide to go into entrepreneurship?
It actually wasn’t a conscious decision. I was already an entrepreneur in Medical school. I started my journey selling gift items from my hostel locker at 19. So when I moved to a new city after getting my license and didn’t get a job immediately, it was the natural transition for me. I’m not one to sit around doing nothing, I literally go bonkers!


The first thing that struck me about you when I started following you on Instagram is your commitment to your Faith and your Family.Please tell us a little about how your Faith walk has shaped what you do.
I always say once you taste the sweetness of faith, you will never view life the same way. The most important thing to me is the pleasure of God and that influences all that I do. From being a wife, mum, boss, daughter, sister, friend or even stranger. I strive to always practice what I preach and it’s my one true desire to let people know about the real Islam as compared to what the media portrays. I try to do that not in a ‘do as I say’ manner but ‘do as I do’. I’m not saying I always get it right, but if you have direction and purpose, even when you stray it’s easier to find your way back.

The recent edition of Fusion Family Funfair was quite successful, and it has been consistently so over the years. What do you think is the recipe for hosting a successful event of such magnitude?
Thank you very much. I believe it’s just consistency. We’ve been doing it for seven years and it’s easy for people to get bored and move unto the next, but we have been known to deliver time and time again and it warms my heart that people keep coming back. We also genuinely care about our vendors and guests and that’s why we have an up to 70 percent returning participant rate.


You are a very purpose driven woman. How are you able to juggle being a wife, mum, and all the businesses you do?Hmm if I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question. Thank you for saying juggle and not balance. Because personally I believe balance is impossible.For me I’ve found that works for me is quality vs quantity. So whatever time I devote to any aspect of my octopus life, I make sure it’s impactful. I wish I could give some great formula, but I just take each day as it comes and focus on what’s most important at any given time. That being said, God and family always take priority.

Whats your advice for working women especially those who have young children?
I believer very strongly that every woman should know herself. Outside of relationships with others, if you take away wife and mum, WHO ARE YOU? when you know that, you become limitless. Also it’s really important to find one thing that brings you happiness, something you can call your own thing, and do it. You can only make others happy when you yourself have happiness within you.

What lessons do you hope your children will learn from you?
I hope they learn that when you walk with God, He will make your life beautiful. That it’s more important to give than receive and that they can be absolutely anything good they want to be. Most importantly I hope they learn that absolutely nobody is responsible for their happiness but they themselves.

I know you have an anniversary coming up so please tell us about it.
Yes, Fusion Lifestyle Ltd will turn 7 in December and we love 7 so we are having our biggest most fun event planned. It will take place on the 4th of December at the BMO Events Arena.

Awesome will plan to be there. Thanks for your time and all the best!


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