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Normally I focus on Women but as a mother of young sons I am also quite passionate about inspiring men as well! Thus when the debonair Chigozie Chukwu told me his story of persistence in the midst of incredible difficulty, I immediately took interest. Lets learn a little about this young man who presents two of his books in a few days. The first book titled “The Polished Vessel” is about his life journey while the second  is about a subject he excelled in during his undergraduate days, “Econometrics Amplified“.

Tell us about your self and what you are passionate about?
Well I am alumnus of University of Abuja . I currently run a facility company which specializes in Industrial cleaning, fumigation and landscaping and  I am happily married. I am passionate about capacity building, projects, learning new ideas.I am about to present two books to the public with the aim of inspiring others to hold on to their dreams and aspirations.

Your father was a reasonably wealthy man but life changed for you when he passed on. What did you learn from this?

I just clocked 10 when my father passed on but I had learnt a lot from him while he was alive and this has helped me over the years. Firstly, I learnt that you must value the people around you as what you do not value, you do not appreciate. I also learnt that life is in phases, and nothing in life is constant. My father taught me and my siblings the importance of hard work from a very young age, and everything I have done since then have been borne out of sheer hard work and tenacity. Finally, I learnt after his demise never to depend on people as they will fail you when you need them the most. His death and the poverty we suffered afterwards taught me to always depend on God.

In your book “The Polished Vessel” you wrote JAMB several times how did this affect your self-esteem as a young man and how did you stay focused?

I will be lying to you if I tell you writing JAMB repeatedly never affected me psychologically. Every area in a man’s life you can think of was drained. Mentally, physically, emotionally I was drained, battered and violated. The continuous echoes that I was a failure was enough to put me to the ground forever but at a very young age I had already determined and purposed in my heart that I will be a graduate. So when all the repeated failures of WAEC and JAMB came, it was the dream of being a graduate that kept me going.



You also wrote about how you almost took the tortuous journey to Europe by road, what stopped you?

In 2003, after writing WAEC and JAMB 4 and 3 times respectively with nothing to show I was quite frustrated.I ran away from the house without telling anybody my plans. At that point in my life, I wanted to surprise everyone that had said one negative thing or the other to me and just show them I could be successful . I believed going to Europe at that point was the only way to achieve this success. I  had perfected my plans to make the land journey to Europe and came to Abuja for the first time, this was in 2003. I stayed with my cousin while in Abuja and he  was  totally oblivious of my plans, in the morning I packed a few belongings and headed to the motor pack to go to Maiduguri and start my journey across the Continent. However, for no tangible reason  I missed the bus going to Maiduguri three times! It was the third time I missed my bus that I had an encounter with someone at the park who made me re-think my decision and I quickly changed my mind and went back home.


Thank God you did not risk your life. In a nutshell what message are you hoping to send to young people with your books?

Well with the Book Launch/ Public Presentation coming up on the 11th of August, I just want to pass a message across to someone in any part of the world that with hard work, determination and persistence dreams can become a reality. Looking back I had my fears but I held on and today I have my degree, Masters and I am looking forward to earning a PhD. From doing all sorts of menial jobs I held on and today I have a testimony.

Thanks Chigozie and all the very best.



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