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Summer 2018 has almost come to an end and now everyone has school fees on their mind. However, once major responsibilities have been sorted its time to start planning for next year’s vacation as the earlier the better. Here are a few tips to prepare for your next holiday.

Start saving : If you one of those who does last you may not be able to afford the holiday of your dreams. You can actually have a holiday fund and start keeping money away towards your next hols. If you are married then you and your spouse can discuss making joint contributions to your next holiday.

Start searching: Start thinking of the kind of holiday you would want. Are you a touristy kinda person who likes adventure or would you rather just lay be the beach sipping a cocktail? Bear in mind you can combine both in one holiday. Cancun in Mexico for instance is a great place to do both as the Hotels along the lagoon and the coast are great and there are tons of things to do … you can snorkel, swims with the dolphins, visit ancient Mayan ruins and visit the amazing Cenotes which are found only in Mexico. Whatever you want there’s a holiday for you.

Cenote Ik Kil, Mexico

Take time to research: The internet has made it easy. Go to holiday sites and search for good discounts on holiday packages. The key is to start early and save. Also do your research on transportation and  child care services if you are travelling with young children. When planning holidays with children its essential that you do your research in order to plan properly and ensure that you and the children have a great time, there are a lost of family resorts where the whole family will have loads of fun, remember the main essence is the spent together so look at different options and plan away.

Look inward : Now holiday does not mean you must be looking at “Obodo oyibo”. One of my most interesting holidays was one spent in Lagos where I grew up. It was amazing we went to the beach and visited some fun spots. It was also cool for the children to see where I went to Church, my school, my childhood home etc. There are quite a few companies who exclusively package tours across the country ( Naija Adventurers and Motley tours are just a couple) follow them on IG to see all the amazing sites they visit across the country such as Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi , Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River , Kajuru Castle  in Kaduna, Erin Ijesha Waterfalls in Osun and the beautiful Gurara water falls in Niger State. I have visited a few of these places on my own and with tour companies and they were all amazing trips.

Gurara Falls


Define your crew: What kind of holiday are you planning? It could be a family holiday, a solo one , a baecation (one with your significant other) or one with your friends. Whatever it is make sure you have similar goals. If you are going with a friend and she likes to go on adventures(like me) while you would rather sleep and lounge then you will both have to compromise a little and get the best of both worlds. If going with a group there should be at least one person who shares similar interests with you and if going solo get ready to find your own crew.

Be friendly: This is very important when doing a solo vacay, most times you need to be open to mingling and talking to strangers to enjoy such trips to their max. Go on and say hello to someone new and you will be suprised at how genuine people can be. When I went to Venice years I met an older man who was also travelling alone and from helping each other take pictures we stayed in touch for many years. Similarly on a another trip I met an older couple and spent the whole day shopping with them, I learnt so much from them and was blessed by just being around them as their friendship seemed so deep and sincere.  Please use good judgment and hang out in lonely areas with strangers.

Be safe : This is important for any kind of vacation but moreso for solo trips. Stay in tourist areas and resorts as many people there are quite friendly when socialising watch your drinks as there have been reports of drinks being spiked. Even when with your friends or family exercise caution and trust your instincts. If it doesnt feel safe then don’t do it.

Get away totally : You need to be committed to total relaxation when you are away on holiday.  Ignore the temptation to roam your phone and give only those who need to contact you access to your details. Your dream holiday starts in your mind and once you believe it then you can achieve it and come back home fully rested and ready to face the world.

What holiday tips do you have? please share in the comments section.


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