Moving On Up!


Who remembers the sitcom “Moving On Up”? I think the theme song goes something like “…bought a big house in the city…”

Well, our house ain’t exactly that big but it’s just been bought and we’re moving in this weekend! Yay!!

I have been looking forward to moving in with excitement but with a bit of fear.

Fear? Yep.

I’m scared of the thought of all the work that comes with moving and the kids, of course, are always in the way.

But hey, I thank God for his mercies because without him, we would be looking for another rented apartment instead of our own home.

God is good!


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  1. Congratulations on moving into ur own home. Big houses are hard work – trust me I know cos I grew up in one and in our teenage days, my mum reduced the number of helps she had to 0. So we did all the work. (smile)

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