Nneka Emodi-Eze: Public Sector lawyer turned School Director


Schools out and we have our children all to ourselves for the long summer holiday. Our  crush today is someone who knows a lot about children as she runs BrickHall School, Abuja . BrickHall school is located which is fast gaining popularity for its dedication and excellence. Beautiful and passionate Nneka Emodi-Eze  is our WCW!


Tell us a little about you?

I am 34 year old wife of a super supportive man Mr. Alex Eze and a mother to 3 amazing children aged between 4 and 8. I am the first of four siblings, and it wasn’t easy as my parents were strict but that strictness moulded me into the lady so I am grateful for it. I attended FGGC Onitsha and being in boarding house was really tough but it made me strong and independent. As the oldest child alot was always expected of me, while at times I got special privileges it was usually a case of having to be very responsible. All in all I enjoyed my growing up years and wouldnt trade it for anything.

What do you do professionally?

I’m a lawyer by profession but an educationist by passion and by grace of God the Director of Brickhall School Abuja. Brickhall School is fairly new as we welcomed our first pupils on September 14th, 2015 and we are  grateful for how everything is going so far.

There are lots of good schools in the FCT, what are those

qualities that make Brickhall unique?

I can say that what makes our school stand out is our undiluted passion for our children. We are extremely passionate about everything that concerns us and always striving for perfection. We took our time to ensure we hired highly qualified staff who are passionate about  teaching and working with children. Our employees, children and parents are encouraged to see themselves as co-owners of Brickhall and with that mindset we are all striving towards a common goal.


We know you have a young family how are you able to combine work and family?

Luckily my kids attend the school so that makes us closer as we usually come to school together and thus have a lot of time to bond. I am also have to go to and fro together most times. I am also blessed to have a very supportive husband who understands the work exigencies and meets me half way for a smooth sailing marriage. He does not make life hard by making unnecessary macho man demands. As a family we do not play with our weekends and holidays and take out time for sightseeing, hanging out and indulging in fun activities.

How has motherhood impacted what you do?

Motherhood has helped make my job child’s play. I have always loved children so being in an environment where I am surrounded by children is an incredible blessing. Also my job has impacted my motherhood as I find myself being a better mother to my children. I honestly feel like all the children in our school are mine and its been amazing! I am really grateful that I love what I do and working in this environment has turned me into a child at heart, full of patience and slow to anger.

What do you do to relax?
Apart from relaxing with my family I make me time  a priority as it helps me stay sane. While embarking on my weightloss journey I discovered dance and it has totally become a part of me. I ensure that no matter how busy my day or week has been I take out time to attend dance classes where I get to keep fit, build up my feel good hormones and relax with friends. After my dance classes I am ready to face the world and all it has to offer.

Talking about your weight-loss journey  I have seen your before and after pics .How have you kept the weight off?

I’m motivated by the fact that I want to live a healthy life for myself and family so no matter how busy my day is I  get in some exercise. I see myself as a role model for my kids and all my kids in school so I have to live a healthy life and lead by example. I have a support group of friends and we motivate each other to exercise and eat healthy in the midst of our busy life and the accountability helps alot.



After a workout

What virtue do you want to pass on to your children?

Humility… I want my children to be humble and respectful to people irrespective of their station in life. It is a virtue I learnt from my Mother and it has made life very fulfilling and full of favour for me. I believe if they imbibe humility it will do same for them.

Finally what advice do you have for working mums with young children?

This is also  advice I give myself always: NEVER be too busy for your kids. As an educationist, I see parents practically giving their children to the school and expecting the school to perform some magic which they do not reinforce at home, it does not work that way. Many times we hand our precious jewels to illiterate or semi literate domestic staff and you can only imagine what they’ll turn into. It is therefore extremely important that as parents we should make out time daily to listen to them, ask them questions about what’s going on in their lives,look at their homework and show enough interest in their total wellbeing. After what I call “Mummy and me time” you can then have your own “mummy time”  to unwind but make your children a priority

Thanks Nneka its been great talking to you.

Brickhall has a summer camp running from the 18th of July at the School Premises.

Brickhall Summer Camp

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  1. There is something about FGGC Osha girls especially the ones that were in Ixora house. They are go getters; determined and outstanding! God bless you Nneka, you are an inspiration!

  2. I am glad you followed your heart, your passion, Nneka. There is nothing as miserable and disheartening as doing what other people want you to do. You shall excel with God on your side. Keep the good work

    1. “There is nothing as miserable and disheartening as doing what other people want you to do.” very true especially when it something you have absolutely no interest in or dislike! may we all find expression and follow our hearts.

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