Detola Amure: The Super Working Mum!

When I started blogging about a decade ago Detola “Aloted” Omoba was on of the cyber friends I made.  Since then watching this mum of two evolve has been a delightful experience. Her passion for helping mothers maximise their God given capabilities comes through in almost every thing she does. Please enjoy reading about our WCW today Detola the super working mum! 


Please tell us about yourself

My name is Detola Amure, married to my amazing husband Tunji Amure with whom we have two lovely children Moyosoluwa who is also known as  Bionic, she is 6 years old and our son Mojolaoluwa who is also known as Prof J  he is 3 years old.  

I am a Christian, a daughter of the most high.  I am the founder of Super Working Mum where I work as a Productivity Mentor. I started my career as a business analyst and I have worked for several top companies such as Accenture, British Sky Broadcasting , Ford Motors as their Business Analyst. I am currently running Super Working Mum.

I am a speaker and an author, I have written three books one of which is an Amazon best seller called Super Working Mum, Living and Loving Life to the fullest. It has ranked number 1 on Amazon UK in the Personal Transformation Category and Number 2 on Amazon US in the Women’s Christian Living Category. To God be the glory. I love to write, read, travel and encourage others. I also love to hang out with friends and my family.

I am also the creator of the Living Amazed Journal.

I specialise in helping busy Christian mothers all over the world who are overwhelmed maximise their time so that they can manifest their God given dreams.

Super Working Mum

You have an interesting story of how you started Super Working Mum. Please tell us about it.

It took a good friend of mine to remind me of the gift God has given me of writing, helping and coaching others. It was from her prompting that Super Working Mum was conceived in the last months of 2011. It was created out of a need to help myself deal with the different demands I was faced with as a new mother.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I noticed that I was no longer passionate about life. All my attention was on my daughter, which is not a bad thing in itself but it was affecting every other aspect of my life. I felt I was living a very average life and this also affected my confidence. I noticed that a lot of working mums around me were overwhelmed, always complaining of being busy with so much to do at home and at work. I knew that there were others like me out there and I wanted to help them so I started a new blog called Super Working Mum in February 2012

However I took a leap of faith and upgraded it into a business the following year when I lost my job. It was a difficult time and I suffered depression as a result but thank God I came out of it and took that opportunity to move my life forward.


What kind of support did you receive? 

I got support and help from God who I love to call Abba. He has been a driving force in everything I do. With God leading me I was able to get a mentor who guided me through my growth as a new business always available to answer my questions. My husband, friends and family have also been a great support on this journey too though it wasn’t always this way but thank God it is now!

More importantly I got a business coach who opened my eyes to the world of business, it’s running strategies and systems. I am also part of a paid business mastermind group where more business tips are shared within the group every month.


What were the biggest obstacles to achieving what you do now?

My biggest obstacle or challenge was not knowing how to turn my passion of helping others, and writing into a proper business. It is not enough to have a passion to succeed in business. One must have the right mindset, processes, systems and strategy in place to run a profitable business. I was able to overcome this challenge by doing extensive research on how to run a profitable business; Like I mentioned before, I also got support and help from my mentor who guided me and was available to answer my questions.

To stay ahead I am constantly developing myself and investing in my personal growth and applying my skills as the systems keep evolving around us in the business world.

SWM has three retreats every year, what was the inspiration for that and how has that been?

The inspiration behind the quarterly retreats is that mothers need time off from their everyday life! Most times mothers don’t intentionally take this time off so the retreats encourage women take time away to regroup, relax and receive renewed strength from God.

At these retreats, women meet and make new friends. They also have a chance to think clearly about the next step in their lives. A number of our attendees have gone on to manifest some of their big dreams eg write books, start a business, launch an event etc. Each retreat is always unique and mind blowing.

What was your biggest fear concerning the SWM brand and how did you gather the courage to surmount it?

My biggest fear was rejection. God told me specifically that he wanted the SWM brand to be a kingdom brand …his brand and I struggled with how people will accept that. It took me about a year to embrace my true calling.

Surrounding myself with other Kingdom women helped tremendously.  Also reminding myself constantly that it was God who gave me this vision and since he knows best I better obey. Even though I was scared I rebranded and I have not looked back since then.

I must say since I took the leap of faith to rebrand I have attracted the right type of women God wanted me to help. It has just been mind blowing.


One of the biggest issues our sisters abroad have is childcare how are you able to juggle raising children , being a wife and your work?

Over the years, I have been able to develop strategies that I have incorporated in my daily routine. These has enabled me to stay on top of all the things that are challenging both at home and in my business life.

I have a great support system, so even though my husband works out of time a lot I have a fantastic live in nanny who helps me out with childcare and things around the house. This support, has been one of the greatest factors that allow me do the work I do as it involves travelling sometimes.  Also I acknowledge that I cannot do it on my own and constantly ask God for supernatural strength. Also asking help from others and not trying to be super in my own strength helps me “juggle” life, family and work.


What word of encouragement do you have for women who find themselves is the same shoes you were in i.e. loosing your job

I will tell them first to not lose hope, it happened for a reason and you need to find out what that reason is. If you are a praying person ask God to reveal why this as happened to you, if you are not a praying person then I encourage you to become one. God created you for a purpose and only He can reveal that purpose to you if you trust him and ask.

I will also say surround yourself with positive people, people who are living purpose driven lives. Those are the people who will lift you up during your difficult times.

Thanks Detola you inspire!

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  1. Oh wow… this is so cool! I used to love reading Aloted’s blog back in the day. She’s doing great things! I’m inspired. Lovely interview.

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