The Nigerian Paralympic Team!

Right now the Nigerian Paralympic team is trending for all the right reasons,they are doing us proud! They seem more organised than their counterparts who represented us at the recently concluded Olympics. Lets take a quick look at some  of our paralympians  that are doing us proud;

Josephine Orji


This awesome lady has just broken a World Record with a clean lift of 160kg to win the gold medal in the Women’s -84kg Power-lifting event. 37year old Orji was miles ahead of other competitors as she entered the competition lifting a weight of 151kg while  Poland’s Marzena Zieba clinched Silver with  134kg.


Lauritta Onye:


This talented athlete who also happens to be a Nollywood actress  has won a gold medal in the shot put event. Her first throw of 7.83m broke the world record of 7.72m. Her fourth throw was of 8.40 was way ahead of her competitors and with that she was able to secure the gold medal.

Lucy Ejike:


The Captain of Team Nigeria is leading by example and has won a gold medal in Power-lifting 61kg. Lucy who is representing Nigeria for the 5th successive time at the Paralympics has shattered the world record three times over. Well done Lucy you rock!

Roland Ezuruike


Roland has also won a gold medal as well and has also set a new record in power-lifting men’s -54kg event at this years Paralympics. Other medallists include Paul Kehinde, Latifat Tijani and Esther Onyema.

Apart from their outstanding performance here are some of the reasons we love them;

Their Outfits:


Their counterparts in the Olympics donned track suits as their outfits didn’t arrive (thank goodness as the official outfits looked rather odd) and though they looked smart the track suits didn’t depict our culture. The Paralympic team on the other hand looked fab in their Nigerian attire and represented us in style.

Their Determination :

Despite their physical limitation the paralympians have been able to distinguish themselves in physical activities through sheer grit and determination. They have not allowed circumstances get in their way but rather they have honed their skills and gone ahead to excel. These athletes have shown determination in focusing on the gain rather than the pain.

Their Hardwork:

Everyone knows that athletes need to train hard especially when they plan to compete in word class tournaments. Despite the ineptitude of our Sports Ministry and its agencies the athletes have worked hard and they are reaping the rewards.

Their Discipline:

Discipline is a trait every serious minded individual must posses and athletes are not an exception. Discipline to train hard and focus on your sport and discipline to commit to your sport regardless of the distractions of every day life.

Well done guys we are proud of you!


4 thoughts on “The Nigerian Paralympic Team!

  1. This is a clear case of bility in disability. In the absence of everything else, determination does a whole lot of good to one’s psyche. God be with you all. Up Naija!

  2. This is a clear case of ability in disability. In the absence of everything else, determination does a whole lot of good to one’s psyche. God be with you all. Up Naija!

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