Tinu Abdulrahim-Creating Unknown Fashion

 Tinu is the beautiful woman behind the Unknown Fashion brand. As a mother and entrepreneur she shares some snippets of her life.

Hello Tinu, tell us a little about you.

I come from a big family, grew up in ilorin. Studied law up to masters degree (LLM, ICSA), worked in oil and gas and power and finally gave that up when I decided it was time to share what I always thought fashion was all about; which is to empower. 

Why did you choose fashion and not anything else?

Well because to me fashion helps us to lean to who we truly are, it helps us to express ourselves, it elevates our moods, its all empowering. So many people fail to use fashion for what it truly is and can do for us. 

You have an interesting brand name unknown?

Yes I chose that name because I wanted women to feel confident and comfortable in what they wore regardless of a label. 

How do you juggle running a thriving brand with family life.

I rely heavily on my support system. I dont try to do it all. So where I have a choice to delegate, always first choice. my family is my rock. I don’t And think I can survive without domestic helps. I have the best friends ever. The chastise me when I need it and they are my forever ginger.

What advice for young entrepreneurs especially in your industry.

Forget everything you see on the Internet. You have to strive for that perfection yourself. The perfection you see out there took time so pace yourself.

Now as a busy entrepreneur,how do you unwind?

I read, I love music and ohhhh I am a spa junkie, I really do enjoy a good spa treatment. 

How do you overcome challenges in business and what are your next steps for the brand?

I always go back to the very beginning. I unlearn what I know, I do it another way.  Then for the brand my next steps will be to get into major retail stores across Nigeria and beyond.

Thanks Tinu all the best!

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